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What People Are Saying About HolyBears!

We did so much better this year with HolyBears. In direct contrast to last year's fundraising company that we used, the HolyBear Company has gone the extra mile to ensure our orders were filled in a timely and accurate manner. They provided us with over 2000 bears in one week, just in time for Easter! We raised a little over $23,000! This will enable us to increase our contribution to The Rainbow House. The response for additional orders way above and beyond our selling period has been overwhelming. The more people saw of these quality, faith-oriented keepsakes, the more they wanted! This is truly a product that parallels our ideas as Catholics, provided by a company that takes care of its customers like fellow parishoners.
Sally Woolsworth
Austin, TX

"We were amazed at the number of bears our students sold in just a few weeks! We love our school bear and can't wait to see what new bears are in store for us next year!"
Rea Mennenga
Skycrest Christian School, Florida

"Fundraising is hard work! Yet, HolyBears makes it simple and rewarding! With HolyBears, you not only make money, but you are spreading God's Word too! Last year our junior class sold HolyBears to raise funds for the junior/senior banquet and with a short two week sale, we earned more than $3,000!"
Luisa Price
Temple Heights Christian School
Tampa, Florida

The National Foundation for Transplants campaign for the nine-month-old Brenton Waldon has found HolyBears to be a great boost to fundraising. "We have made more money off of the sale of HolyBears than any other activity."
Brendon's Grandmother
The National Foundation for Transplants

Once again, another great year for Ft. Meyers Christian School with HolyBears Over 2000 bears for the third straight year! Some people thought it would get "old" - the Lord had other things in store! Parents donated over 500 of those bears for our 8th grade mission trip to Mexico in March! Thank you for your service to the Lord and creating the Mexico Bear! Thanks for your ministry - the fundraising helped us purchase a sound system for our trip as well! Next year, we have plans to ask for parents to donate the AIDS Awareness Bears and we will send them to missionary friends we have that will take them to the AIDS Hospitals and distribute them to children there with AIDS. Thank you!
Ft. Meyers Christian School

Unbelievable! The 12 or so boxes of HolyBears are in and it only took us 1 hour to sort by class and give out to students. You people do an unbelievable job and we are soooo pleased with your company we can't wait to sell again! (This order was only 6, 7 and 8 - next year we plan to give folders out to PreK - 8!) Hats off to the whole HolyBears crew for all of their long hours! I also want to thank you for the box of bears you sent for us to give away to students who sold. We received them and the students are so excited - It's motivating them to sell some more. Thanks again for everything!
Gail Campo
St. Theresa of Avila Gonzales, LA

Once again, I would like to thank you for this wonderful fundraiser. The bears are great and so much fun to buy and sell. My students felt this fundraiser was so successful they want to do it again, and sell to the entire school community (we did it outside of school at first). We've had lots of demands from parents who want to buy. My principal approved another fundraiser in April!
Jim Shandow
Wheaton, IL

Again, thank you for your fine merchandise. Everyone loves their bears and our customized MARYVALE bear -- Julie -- is a huge success. We will definately order again in the future. I would highly recommend HolyBears as a fundraiser for other schools and organizations. Thank you.
Thomas Longston
Maryvale, KY