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"We have made more money off the sale of HolyBears than any other Fundraiser!"

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Earn up to 50% Profit

Active participants average over $50 Profit Each! That means just 50 participants can earn you over $2,500!

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  • Are they easy to sell?
  • Can we get multiple sales per individual?
  • Can we still make money after our fundraiser is over?
  • Will the products produce high dollar sales and profit?

Look at this amazing playground!

With the help of a HolyBears fundraiser, (school) was able to raise enough money to build a new playground!

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✓ High Average Sales ✓ Free Tallying
✓ High Quality Products ✓ Unique Product Line
✓ Free Sales Kits and Supplies ✓ Easy to Follow System
✓ Multiple Fundraising Solutions ✓ Year Round Fundraising Program
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Luisa Price

"Fundraising is hard work! Yet, HolyBears makes it simple and rewarding! With HolyBears, you not only make money, but you are spreading God's Word too! Our junior class sold HolyBears to raise funds for the junior/senior banquet and in just 2 weeks we earned more than $3,000!"

Rea Mennenga

"We were amazed at the number of bears our students sold in just a few weeks! We love our school bear and can't wait to see what new bears are in store for us next year!"


Brenton's Grandmother

The National Foundation for Transplants campaign for the nine-month-old Brenton Waldon has found HolyBears to be a great boost to fundraising. "We have made more money off of the sale of HolyBears than any other activity."

Choose your Fundraising Program

Our most popular fundraising program with easy-to-follow guidelines. Our products "sell themselves" - many individuals and families have bought 6 or more bears at a time! And now we've included our new line of amazing 3D Popup and other unique faith-based greeting cards to help you increase your sales! We also offer sales tools and tips to help you maximize your fundraising efforts to achieve and even exceed your goals.

We provide FREE all the materials needed to run a successful HolyBears® Fundraiser - Catalogs, Order Forms, Collection Envelopes and more!

If you don’t want to conduct a Catalog fundraiser, you can simply order bears upfront to sell at special events or to friends, family, and colleagues to help raise the funds your group needs. There is No Minimum Order, and shipping is Free if you order at least 100 pcs. With so many great bears and unique greeting cards to choose from, there is something for everyone!

Are you looking to just make an impression or create a Lasting Impression for your school, church, group, etc.? Our bears are the perfect choice for any organization or group for Fundraisers, Incentives, Premiums, Recognition, Gifts, Awards, Prizes, Giveaways, Souvenirs. Commemorate a Special Event or Person. Build your own Brand Awareness in the community by promoting your logo.

Low Minimum Order, Free Sample, Free Large Bears (great to raise additional funds!), and More! HolyBears has made it simple for you to design and sell your own "Limited Edition" Custom Bear. You pick the colors of the fabric and ribbon, decide which logo/graphics you want on your bear and where. Design the hangtag, your graphics and information on the front cover and inside. We will then build you a prototype bear based upon your design.

We can show you how to pre-sell your bears before they even arrive! Even the one-of-a-kind prototype can be sold at an auction, raffle or special event (some have commanded hundreds of dollars!). Many organizations have had great success following up one of our traditional Catalog Programs with their own Custom Bear. Some make a new Limited Edition Custom Bear every year!

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