From Ft. Meyers Christian School

"Once again, another great year for Ft. Meyers Christian School with HolyBears Over 2000 bears for the third straight year! Some people thought it would get "old" - the Lord had other things in store!Parents donated over 500 of those bears for our 8th grade mission trip to Mexico in March! Thank you for your service to the Lord and creating the Mexico Bear! Thanks for your ministry - the fundraising helped us purchase a sound system for our trip as well! Next year, we have plans to ask for parents to donate the AIDS Awareness Bears and we will send them to missionary friends we have that will take them to the AIDS Hospitals and distribute them to children there with AIDS. Thank you!"

From Thomas Longston

Again, thank you for your fine merchandise.Everyone loves their bears and our customized MARYVALE bear -- Julie -- is a huge success.We will definately order again in the future.I would highly recommend HolyBears as a fundraiser for other schools and organizations.Thank you.


"Dear awesome men and women of God!!!: We love Holybears -- not just the bears, but the company. It is so wonderful (and such a refreshing change) to deal with an organization that cares for and appreciates its customers. Well, we appreciate you, too! Thanks for all you do!"

From Gail Campo

"Unbelievable! The 12 or so boxes of HolyBears are in and it only took us 1 hour to sort by class and give out to students.You people do an unbelievable job and we are soooo pleased with your company we can't wait to sell again!(This order was only 6, 7 and 8 - next year we plan to give folders out to PreK - 8!) Hats off to the whole HolyBears crew for all of their long hours! I also want to thank you for the box of bears you sent for us to give away to students who sold. We received them and the students are so excited - It's motivating them to sell some more. Thanks again for everything!"

From Karen

"We received our bears today and they are great! We love them and the quality is wonderful. We look forward to your new bears and we're sure they will be just as beautiful. Thanks for the great service and a wonderful idea."


"I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am with Holybears. Thank you for offering such a beautiful quality product and for being a company that communicates with their customers so well. Good Luck."

From Sally Woolsworth

"We did so much better this year with HolyBears.In direct contrast to last year's fundraising company that we used, the HolyBear Companyhas gone the extra mileto ensure our orders were filled in a timely and accurate manner. They provided us withover 2000 bearsin one week, just in time for Easter!We raised a little over $23,000!This will enable us to increase our contribution to The Rainbow House.The response for additional orders way above and beyond our selling period has been overwhelming.The more people saw of these quality, faith-oriented keepsakes, the more they wanted! This is truly a product that parallels our ideas as Catholics, provided by a company that takes care of its customers like fellow parishoners."


"I have been meaning to write you and the time has just slipped away. First of all, I wanted to tell you we received our first shipment of SHELDON & UNITY and we sold out the first weekend. The word has traveled fast here in East Tennessee and people are calling or stopping by everyday to see if we still have any bears. Thanks so much!"


"I just got our Holy Bears in today and just wanted to write and say that these bears are outstanding. These bears have what so many bears don't, personality. Also the Tags are made so thick unlike everyone else's tags who are always printed on light weight material. Thanks Again for such a great product"


“My daughter received a HolyCow bear at a baby shower before my grandson was born. After he was born, my daughter placed the bear in the crib with him. He eventually picked the bear up and has literally not put it down since. He is now 2 1/2. We have issues when he forgets to bring the bear to day care or to my house when he visits. I found the web site for your bears and that is when I ordered him 2 more to help keep peace and help him sleep when he forgets it at home! Thank you for getting the other out to me. He will be so surprised on Christmas day!”

From Marian

"We received our order of HolyBears on Thursday. They are just beautiful, and are gone! We need more. All we have to do is show your bears "with a message", and they sell themselves. Of all the gifts that we sell, they give us the most joy. Thank you for displaying out business on your site, we have gotten E-mail, already. May the Lord continue to bless your step of faith."

From Jim Shandow

"Once again, I would like tothank you for this wonderful fundraiser. The bears are great and so much fun to buy and sell.My students felt this fundraiser was so successful they want to do it again,and sell to the entire school community (we did it outside of school at first). We've had lots of demands from parents who want to buy. My principal approved another fundraiser in April!"

From Karen

"Just a note to tell you that we received our first shipment of HolyBears and in 2 days we have sold 3/4 of them! I cannot express our appreciation for allowing us to participate in this shared endeavor -kids and adults are moved to tears by these bears! God does indeed work in mysterious ways. We just had first communion here 2 weeks ago and the interest in obtaining this bear is phenomenal. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!! "


"I know you guys heard enough from me today but I have to send this one last email!! When I got home today to my shipment of Holy Bears, I was so delighted to find such exceptional quality and beauty all wrapped up in one bear for a great price! The bears are beautiful, the hang tags are beautiful! You guys have done an outstanding job and I just wanted to Thank You! Your Customer Service is also one of the BEST!"

From Janet

"My first shipment of Holy Bears arrived this week, and they are beautiful! I'm really impressed with the quality workmanship. And, they are selling like hotcakes! Those who have been waiting so patiently (most of them, anyway) are so very pleased to be able to get these now. I know I will be re-ordering very soon. Thank you for all the hard work you have done to make these wonderful bears a reality. I look forward to future contacts with you."

From Chris

"Thank you so much for your updates, and your positive messages. I have been wanting to write and share with you how impressed and appreciative I am with your goals and your personal attention. Of the lines that I will be carrying, yours is the only one that has made a personal phone call to me. Thank you so much.I think Holy Bears are beautiful, and am so excited to be a part of their promotion. I look forward to a long and pleasant as well as prosperous relationship with you. I feel that this will be a big part of the revival of God's message in America."


“I received them today. We give them to the newly baptized little ones, and have several baptism ceremonies coming up. They are always a hit.  Many thanks for the quick shipping too!”


"I just received my bears yesterday, and they are wonderful! I am so glad I came across your website! They are perfect for all my nieces and nephews to remember the special events in their lives! Thank you again!!"


"Things are going really good. People really love the Holy Bears and they are selling well. I know of some dealers in our group who didn't order them and then as soon as they saw the quality they were wanting to get them. I do want you to know that amongst the dealers you are spoken of highly! The way you deal with the dealers, keep everyone informed and have a very very good rapport with everyone doesn't go un-noticed. :-)Of all the companies out there I am sure Holy Bears will be around for along time to come!"